New podcast 04/08/21

another ramble from me while campervaning in Scotland!–And-knees-e15f0ib A new poem! Contemplations on power of nature! A hunner yards fae meThe seagulls squabbleA  squirrel’s oan the prowl!A nakit wuman showers!In her power showerAh don’t want to sound odd!She needs a bigger towel!The trees bend and weaveFight against  the breezeClouds form and rollAn tumble roonContinue reading “New podcast 04/08/21”

The spell of early morning.

The spell of early morning I awake to bird songSwifts all the way from AfricaDance and dart aboveA squirrel scurries with intent I creak and groan like floorboards The cat stirs from slumberHer food bowl callsnot before  fur rearrangedA girl has to look her best         I transfixed by nature stirring Auld reekie  in dawnContinue reading “The spell of early morning.”

On the passing of an old friend.

Oh what a boy I heard the news he’d passedStill a warrior of class and hopeI shed a tear for his youthFire and spirit He was gone! Old comrades despairedSome sung songsOthers raised a glassTo this fighter of working class He was gone! Brave they saidThis was true!Cheeky and funI said remembering He was gone!Continue reading “On the passing of an old friend.”