James Mcsharry.

Known as Jim Mcsharry

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Well all journeys begin with the first tentative steps..so here goes! If I’ve got this right you should find some of my previously puplished stuff,stuff I’m working on, thinking about, happy with or not. If I’m lucky you might stumble upon stuff that moves you confuses you and might even make you smile or cry and even make you think?…have fun.

The bay at South West Rocks ! something to remind me of blue skies! “peace and Love”

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the is my latest podcast At the mention of your name At the mention of your name I smile and fight back tearsAnd touch a secret acheLove and loss At mention of your name I think of big jumpersMix tapesAnd indie bandsPolitical debates At the  mention of your name my mother would say “He’s aContinue reading “remembering”

New podcast 04/08/21

another ramble from me while campervaning in Scotland! https://anchor.fm/jimwrote.com/episodes/This-old-dog-talks-about-anti-tech–And-knees-e15f0ib A new poem! Contemplations on power of nature! A hunner yards fae meThe seagulls squabbleA  squirrel’s oan the prowl!A nakit wuman showers!In her power showerAh don’t want to sound odd!She needs a bigger towel!The trees bend and weaveFight against  the breezeClouds form and rollAn tumble roonContinue reading “New podcast 04/08/21”

The spell of early morning.

The spell of early morning I awake to bird songSwifts all the way from AfricaDance and dart aboveA squirrel scurries with intent I creak and groan like floorboards The cat stirs from slumberHer food bowl callsnot before  fur rearrangedA girl has to look her best         I transfixed by nature stirring Auld reekie  in dawnContinue reading “The spell of early morning.”

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