The spell of early morning.

The spell of early morning

I awake to bird song
Swifts all the way from Africa
Dance and dart above
A squirrel scurries with intent

I creak and groan like floorboards

The cat stirs from slumber
Her food bowl calls
not before  fur rearranged
A girl has to look her best

        I transfixed by nature stirring

Auld reekie  in dawn mist
Seemingly eternal
Oblivious to mortality
And time  emerges

          I shake off the dust of dreams

The waking day
Filled with a nostalgia of normal
Briefly there are no lockdowns
Dead or infected

                            I stumble and stagger

The aches of age creep
My distractions of existence
Break the spell !
Of Early morning.

Published by jamesnmcsharry

I'm originally from Glasgow Started writing poetry at young age and hiding it in case my parents found it! worked in many jobs but it was as a civil servant I was dragged into the light by another writer and now great friend, had a bash at stand up worked in theatre as a writer/actor and eventually Directed. I on occasion support other writers artists and film makers. I live in Edinburgh with my Wife and "Darcy" the cat who is the lady gaga of cats and love chocolate too much

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