On the passing of an old friend.

Oh what a boy

I heard the news he’d passed
Still a warrior of class and hope
I shed a tear for his youth
Fire and spirit

He was gone!

Old comrades despaired
Some sung songs
Others raised a glass
To this fighter of working class

He was gone!

Brave they said
This was true!
Cheeky and fun
I said remembering

He was gone!

From here maybe
But not my heart
Or memory yet
I  it hold here…for now

Another light dimmed
But I remember
His youth and fire!
Even now I see his smile

As we both sung the songs
Sold the paper
And shared thoughts
That illuminated dark days

I never said goodbye back then
We had the future to burn
You never find the time
To say the simplest of things..like

Thank you.

in memory of Willie McGartland 2021.

Poppies: heather Mcsharry (c)

Published by jamesnmcsharry

I'm originally from Glasgow Started writing poetry at young age and hiding it in case my parents found it! worked in many jobs but it was as a civil servant I was dragged into the light by another writer and now great friend, had a bash at stand up worked in theatre as a writer/actor and eventually Directed. I on occasion support other writers artists and film makers. I live in Edinburgh with my Wife and "Darcy" the cat who is the lady gaga of cats and love chocolate too much

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