Not waving


Not waving

In a sea of days
We drift
The rise and fall
Of hope and fear

Not waving

On a distant horizon
Freedom is hinted
Of beach and shore
Where unfettered we may meet

Not waving

The dead mourned at distance
Politicians flounder and fixate
On dates and tiers
While flashing the cash to mates

Not waving

You and I cling together
Fixed on someday
Somehow somewhere
It will be better

Not waving

Charting our feelings by
Moment ,minute and day
In the blink of an eye
The beat of our  hearts

Not waving

In sea of days
Its sink or swim
Hold on tight
Go with the tide

Not waving

In a sea of days
You  are not alone!
The clouds will break
And storms will fade

Not waving

In safe harbour of
Friends and family
Of those we love
And some we have lost

Not waving .

Published by jamesnmcsharry

I'm originally from Glasgow Started writing poetry at young age and hiding it in case my parents found it! worked in many jobs but it was as a civil servant I was dragged into the light by another writer and now great friend, had a bash at stand up worked in theatre as a writer/actor and eventually Directed. I on occasion support other writers artists and film makers. I live in Edinburgh with my Wife and "Darcy" the cat who is the lady gaga of cats and love chocolate too much

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