In the moseleum of my memories
My fears sit upon my chest
As they always will
A cobweb in the corner
A dusty window sill
Screams ring in my ears
Like a dentist drill
The creaking of the floorboards
Crawling of my flesh
A lump bulges in my throat
There is no rest here
Like the hunger of the homeless
I see the wounds of jesus
Watch them as they bleed
The writhing of the butterfly
In a spider’s web
The dripping of candle wax
On the coffins of the dead
Something deep inside me
Whispers in my head
Saltwater in the lungs
Of a baby refugee lying on the shingle
Where’s humanity?
Its floating out of reach
Like the twisted neck of a dead rat
Broken in a trap
Killed for the want of crumbs
The shadow of some old coat
Resting in a chair
I feel the reapers ice cold hands
Wrapped around my neck
The mist of breath I can see
On a winter’s dawn
Cold deep inside
The marrow of my bones
A call received
Informs me someone died
Knowing that I’ll never see again
The beauty of your smile
Life shining in your eyes
Another piece lost
In my jigsaw puzzle life
A razor cut in the flesh
Bee stings for a while
Becomes one more sigh escaping
My lips
In the bed of my bad dreams
I see the covid deaths
Counted now in reams
As politicians flounder
But rob the public purse
Never stemmed the tide
The situations worse
Please help me wake
Just you touch my hand
Free me from a night
That never ends
Kiss my cold cheek
And whisper soft
Should i wake up with a start
Know this that  I love you still
For Gothic is your heart.

image : Bright colours only written and performed by Pauline Goldsmith with a little help from me!.

bright colours only.

Published by jamesnmcsharry

I'm originally from Glasgow Started writing poetry at young age and hiding it in case my parents found it! worked in many jobs but it was as a civil servant I was dragged into the light by another writer and now great friend, had a bash at stand up worked in theatre as a writer/actor and eventually Directed. I on occasion support other writers artists and film makers. I live in Edinburgh with my Wife and "Darcy" the cat who is the lady gaga of cats and love chocolate too much

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