James mcsharry who’s he ?

Well i bgan life in the city of Glasgow, kinning park to be precise and began creatively writing at a young age but hid my poetic musings from my parent’s because they didn’t meet many poet’s in kinning park… for many years i was in the closet about writing as there appeared no avenue for expressing or publicising work….until i got a job as a civil servant i was outed by a workmate? Who became a great friend to this day…. this “Outing!” Lead to me doing a bit of stand up becoming an actor/writer in proffesional theatre and fiim which in turn lead to directing.

Today i support other creatives in writing and film as well as still trying to put my own thoughts down in a poetic form

I live in Edinburgh with my wife and “Darcy” the cat who is the Lady Gaga of cats!

Ive been lucky to have met many wonderful creative people who directly and indirectly helped me develop “this is a life long journey ” some of these great individuals will pop up in my froth coming blogs and poetry writing in all its forms is a living thing it is an expression of our lives as we live them.

I don’t know where it came from? But when i began to look at lateral ideas to help that person we all meet..you know the one who says

” Want to write but dont think i have the imagination!” I try to draw an image in their head I would say to them “Think of butterfly! Its your butterfly its colours are yours, its shape,its form how it moves, Now!! think of a bus stop!…what elements connect or have commonality in your head?” “Tell me what your thinking, don’t worry this isn’t a quiz so that i might find your darkest secrets…take your time”

“Remember the answers you come up are yours alone and there may even more than one answer all I’ve posed is a question.

Show me someone who tells you that “They know all the answers! ” as if life was some competion to collect knowledge/facts so that they might best the next person in the room! And like the internet that we now post on via the F and B we know how badly that goes on occasion! It’s old saying but has more penance now than ever im paraphrasing ” He who knows nothing is half as dangerous as he who’s little!” I wonder how many us have attempted to plug in an appliance wired by a family member or friend only to hear over your shoulder usually at the critical moment ” im not sure i wired it right” I find the F and B has become like that plug.

I have to be honest right from the beginning that i love the technological advances of the internet on the whole its fab! But with all its advances someone of humanity seems to be lagging behind because of the speed of change, the speed of reaction seems on ccasion to forget empathy and respect, one doesnt have call up Google to see a suicide created by online abuse created by false indignation of ” calling out” which most the time is based on a soundbite or little information or even worse twisted facts to suit a narrative in its intentions is to cause harm to reputations or worse still ading and abetting loss of life however distanced.

Published by jamesnmcsharry

I'm originally from Glasgow Started writing poetry at young age and hiding it in case my parents found it! worked in many jobs but it was as a civil servant I was dragged into the light by another writer and now great friend, had a bash at stand up worked in theatre as a writer/actor and eventually Directed. I on occasion support other writers artists and film makers. I live in Edinburgh with my Wife and "Darcy" the cat who is the lady gaga of cats and love chocolate too much

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